2012 GG Screensaver

2012 GG Screensaver 1.0

2012 GG Screensaver shows photographs of the Girl Generation group
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2012 GG Screensaver is a screensaver with photographs of the Girl Generation group.
Girls' Generation is a South Korean pop group formed by nine girls, launched in 2007. The group is currently the top Korean girl band. They have recorded in Japanese and English.

This free screensaver was made by a fan of the group, using the InstantStorm free utility to create screensavers from flash movies.

2012 GG Screensaver will show pictures of each one of the girls in Girls´ Generation, along with their names, and the name of the group. Through the Windows Screensaver window you can configure the time your computer should remain inactive until launching the screensaver, and if it should ask you for your username and password when returning from the screensaver mode. Since this program does not allow to change anything, the "Settings" button will not offer any option. It will only show a message saying that the screensaver was made with InstantStorm. The "Preview" button will show you how the screensaver will look when activated.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free


  • Just for GG fans. It does not play any sound, and you cannot change anything
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